Top 10 Things the "Average Camper" Would Bring Camping Vs Top 10 Things a "City Girl" Would Bring

Top 10 things the “Average Camper” would bring camping on a 4 day summer camping trip.

1. An appropriate tent: with stakes, ground sheet etc… For example: The Yellowstone tent.

2. Water to sustain you for the duration of the trip

3. Sleeping bag with foam pad

4. Appropriate clothing (lắp đặt lưới an toàn ban công) for the weather and unforeseen conditions too.

5. Food: both for meal times and snacking time (unless you are planning on hunting your own and relying completely on nature!)

6. Cooking pots and items (just a few): large pot, bowls, pans, cups, plates, paper towels

7. Utensils kit: knives for both cooking and non-cooking reasons, spoons, can opener, matches etc..

8. A good light of a sort: a head lamp, flashlight with extra batteries, gas lantern and gas etc…

9. First Aid kit

10. Entertainment: guitar, fishing rod (can be both a necessity and fun), book.

Top 10 things a “City Girl” would bring camping on a 4 day summer camping trip.

1. Tent: sleeps at least 8 (even if only 4 campers), with ample headroom, waterproof bathtub floor, room dividers and plenty of storage space. For example: The Carter MT. tent.

2. Appropriate clothing (lắp đặt lưới an toàn ban công) (summer): matching track pants, top and jackets (min. of 3), shorts (2 pairs), t-shirts (4), GAP viking shirts for around the fire, jeans (worth at least $150), bathing suits (2), brand new sports new york yankees hoodie (as has never owned a “windbreaker/ raincoat prior to this trip), black flip-flops, coloured flip-flops (to match bathing suit), new hiking boots from Roots (as Puma sneakers would not work and

hiking boots are what all campers wear!), and cute pj’s.

3. 2 cases of Evian water that is in a cooler that is filled with ice and bottles of wine.

4. Cot, sleeping bag and a pillow.

5. Personal toiletries: shampoo, toothbrush, make up, mirror, hair ties, brush, bug spray (and swatter) and sun tan lotion

6. Portable shower/ potty area/ change room: For example “The Stinky Pete”.

7. Food: non-perishable, non-cooking items unless you just mix water, most importantly-someone else who knows how to cook outdoors)

8. Utensils kit: knives for cooking and non-cooking reasons, spoons, can opener, tons of matches etc…

9. Lighting of a sort: (not including the light that shines from a cell phone) a flashlight or a gas lantern.

10. Entertainment must haves: iPod, cell phone, magazines, portable DVD player, camera and tanning chair

Whether you a hardcore, a novice or a high maintenance “city girl” camper rest assured that one thing is always at the top of everyone’s list and that is “shelter”.

write by Dai

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