Cannes City Guide

Although Best Known For The International Film EACH festival May, Cannes is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city on the French Riviera Golden Riviera. Regarded as the Most Important second city in France after Paris for business tourism, business travelers and conference attendees outnumber tourists often DURING the summer months. Renowned for its glittering casinos, shopping first […]

The Bachelorette 4 Episode 1 Recap

On Nov. 20/07 Bachelor Brad Womack decided he didn’t want to become what Reality Blurred called “yet another Bachelor failure” and left the final two bachelorettes if not at the altar, at least in the nave. Tonight, six months later, one of those bachelorettes, DeAhnna DePappas (it’s spelled DeAnna, but I was married to a […]

Celebrating with Quilts – Birthday by Birthday

It’s natural that emotions run high about ‘milestone’ birthdays, even if the thrill of turning 16 becomes the dread of turning 30. After all, these birthdays are important because they mark turning points that happen only once in a lifetime. Giving a colorful and comfortable commemorative quilt is a great way to turn anticipation (or […]

Silver, Gold and Crystals, Oh My

Classic rockers like Elton John and now even big time rappers use jewelry to show off their high-class status and add a refined and sophisticated edge to their already shinning looks. And just think about how it works. People not only talk and talk about the latest diamond encrusted watch donned on the wrist of […]

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