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The Story Behind Superdry Gilet

Walking around the high street this Autumn you can’t help notice the popularity of gilets and body warmers being worn. One of the more popular brands is the Superdry gilet although there are many other brands which are equally popular (in case you were wondering what is the difference between a body warmer and a […]

Getting Rid of Poison Ivy

Poison Sumac, poison oak and poison ivy are unique plants that use an oil called Urushiol to protect itself. When Urushiol comes in contact with skin, it can cause a variety of reactions from a basic rash to the skin bubbling and burning to severe allergic reactions. It usually takes two to three weeks for […]

Trendy Formal Wear for Women!

Working women always found themselves in confusion while selecting the office wear. Modern trends have made the formal clothes quite stylish and colorful. Now, professional ladies have enough hot and trendy choices in formal clothing (luoi bao ve cau thang) that they can wear to their workplace. The formal dresses are now no longer dull […]

How to Attract Men in One Easy Step

In this hurried world of instant gratification, where people’s lives are filled with essentially meaningless tasks, no one believes that he or she has time for the ancient traditions of courtship and dating. Unfortunately, for exactly the same reasons, the need for real, human interaction is at its highest. No matter how electronic our world […]

How Gordon Brown Could Look More in Control

What ever your political views might be, I am sure you cannot help feeling sorry for Gordon Brown. In all the recent photographs of him, plastered over the pages of every newspaper, he looks exhausted, dejected and sad. This is hardly surprising. Key Politicians from his party have resigned publicly and Gordon has been left […]

Guitar Practicing – Best Practice Tips

Sure, playing guitar is fun, relaxing, satisfying, and a great way to spend an evening with friends. But the truth of the matter is, in order to get good on the guitar, just like anything else, you’ve got to spend some time practicing. For some, the term “practicing” conjures up visions of drudgery and self-imposed […]

Gabicci Vintage – A History of the Historic Brand

The style-conscious modern male would do well to look at the ‘Vintage’ range from the Gabicci clothing (lưới an toàn chung cư) company. This range offers a classic mix of vintage styles and designs from the past, including classic 1970’s cuts, combined with a modern updated look and freshness that characterises the overall quality that […]

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