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Are You Fully Covered?

My question to you is “are you fully insured”? Let me first declare that I am not working for Prudential, Metlife or similar insurance company so I will not try to sell you a policy. However I am concerned that you may not be covered for all events. You may well reply that if you […]

Show Your Love With a Harley Davidson Ring

For over a hundred years, the Davidson Company has been manufacturing heavy motorcycles that rapidly attract loyal fans. Many people all around the world are collecting Harleys. It has become a tradition of its own. Along with the collection of big motorcycles, Harley Davidson also throws a line of collectible items that are much more […]

Runescape Guide for Noobs

To walk easier in the game, select where you want to go by clicking on the “map circle” at the top right. When you do that, a yellow flag will appear and then you’ll walk there. To keep your skill levels evened out, find objectives and do quests. The quests have rewards that help you […]

Celebrating Black Heroes and Sheroes

In some African traditions, the griot held the story of the local people – the village, family or clan. The griot pulled together the strands of the story which represented the various people who took part in it. Kept these strands and held them safe. Savored them, treasured them. Wove them together to form a […]

Silver, Gold and Crystals, Oh My

Classic rockers like Elton John and now even big time rappers use jewelry to show off their high-class status and add a refined and sophisticated edge to their already shinning looks. And just think about how it works. People not only talk and talk about the latest diamond encrusted watch donned on the wrist of […]

Other Uses For Travel Mugs

Travel mugs made their appearance into popular culture in the 1980s, and primarily contains thermal insulation components for carrying either hot or cold beverages. Insulated mugs are akin to vacuum flasks, and are commonly very well insulated and virtually sealed to avert any forms of spillage. A typical travel veteran hoodie would come with a […]

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