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Smile Life

Does rich person really happy? Most of us want to be rich person, and think that if I rich I can do many things that I want to do, so I will happy. But in fact I think most of rich person are not really happy, their life are not as good as our thinking. […]

Dress Shirt Embroidery

DRESS SHIRT TIPS Successful digitizing and embroidery WHEN TO CHOOSE EMBROIDERY The “business casual” environment that led to relaxed dress codes for the workplace starting in the 90’s has changed the way America shows up for work. Jeans and sweatshirts are not unusual. However, the pendulum appears to be swinging back toward a more polished, […]

Ruined by the Bell

The man steers his car to left, into a shabby street after the grocery store. It has been fifteen years; still, besides a few new constructions, there aren’t many noticeable differences. The road is still without markings; Kids still play hide and seek among the trees in the community park, Mr. Mehra’s ambassador still parked […]

Piri Reis Decoded

In 1501, following a battle at sea, a Spanish fleet was captured by the Turks off the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The spoils of that battle included a map that, so the story goes, was hidden in the new york yankees zip up cincinnati bengals t shirt of one of the sailors taken prisoner. Piri […]

Lee Jeans – A History of Lee 101

Lee 101 is a high-end denim brand from the United States of America. Lee (full name Lee Mercantile Company) was founded in 1889 in a town called Salina, found in Kansas. The first Lee denim created was workwear – dungarees and shirts, which was typical of the time. 1913 saw the arrival of the Union-All […]

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