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How to Attract Men in One Easy Step

In this hurried world of instant gratification, where people’s lives are filled with essentially meaningless tasks, no one believes that he or she has time for the ancient traditions of courtship and dating. Unfortunately, for exactly the same reasons, the need for real, human interaction is at its highest. No matter how electronic our world […]

How Gordon Brown Could Look More in Control

What ever your political views might be, I am sure you cannot help feeling sorry for Gordon Brown. In all the recent photographs of him, plastered over the pages of every newspaper, he looks exhausted, dejected and sad. This is hardly surprising. Key Politicians from his party have resigned publicly and Gordon has been left […]

Dress Shirt Embroidery

DRESS SHIRT TIPS Successful digitizing and embroidery WHEN TO CHOOSE EMBROIDERY The “business casual” environment that led to relaxed dress codes for the workplace starting in the 90’s has changed the way America shows up for work. Jeans and sweatshirts are not unusual. However, the pendulum appears to be swinging back toward a more polished, […]

Adidas SL 72 – A Brief History

Originally designed for the Olympic Games in Munich and was traditionally worn on the podium. The Adidas SL-72 has became an iconic shoe in its own right. With 60 years of the iconic Soles & Stripes of Adidas they celebrate the brands pitch and terrace domination. The original Adidas Sl72 were constructed from breathable nylon […]

Rakhi Gifts Online Delivery

Gift to Belgaum Raksha Bandhan: Introduction to Raksha Bandhan: It is an annual ritual performed in Indian subcontinent on the last day of Hindu lunar calendar the month of shraavana which falls in the month of August. It is festival performed of ritual protection. A brother and sister are the two inseparable individuals who care […]

Ruined by the Bell

The man steers his car to left, into a shabby street after the grocery store. It has been fifteen years; still, besides a few new constructions, there aren’t many noticeable differences. The road is still without markings; Kids still play hide and seek among the trees in the community park, Mr. Mehra’s ambassador still parked […]

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